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Take advantage of Rainbow Equus Meadows'spring discounts! In addition, they have frozen semen for Prinz Gaylord, Diamont, Domiro, Pablo, Grandom, Escudo II and others. They have some proven broodmares and very promising prospects to show you. Please call or text Susan Worthington (formerly Schutte) at (916) 203-1821 for breeding and sales information. The Office is (916) 645-1471.


Wilhelmina R, Hanoverian by Vivaldi / Wild Dance, sport horse




Rainbow Equus Meadows 2017 Broodmares Hanoverians hunter jumper prospects




Rainbow Equus Meadows 2017 Broodmares and Hunter Jumper Prospects Pricing




Rainbow Equus Meadows 2017 Broodmares and Hunter Jumper Prospects Pricing




Rainbow Equus Meadows 2017 Broodmares and Hunter Jumper Prospects Pricing




Rainbow Equus Meadows 2017 Broodmares and Prospects


Princess Pei Pei R 2005 Hanoverian Inspection Champion Mare




Cerena Cheenook Flaeming XX Adlerfels American Hanoverian Society Jumping Breeding 
	Program approved mare offered by Rainbow Equus Meadows




Prinzess Pablo Pablo Prinz Gaylord prospect offered by Rainbow Equus Meadows
wine and chocolate
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desserts, chocolates and premium quality custom label wines

We are pleased to announce our new event service offering desserts and chocolates coordinated with our premium quality custom label wines from THE WINE FOUNDRY.


JD Nevaska 6 time National Champion Arabian Hunter Pleasure

Designer Dickies by Sheryl

Equestrian Sports Marketing (ESM) serves:

  • the promotional needs of equestrian groups
  • marketing needs of business who want to target the equestrian demographic
  • promotional needs of both groups with a unique ultra premium wine brand program

As brand ambassador for The Wine Foundry, ESM is able to offer ultra premium wines custom branded. Promotional wine compliments the traditional packages of sponsorship, advertising and public relations. Your bottles are good will ambassadors of the first order finding their way through your list of friends and spreading the word. ESM's vision is to create value, attracting new customers for businesses, and delivering new, high quality merchandise for the equestrian lifestyle.

Customers can buy single bottles with their custom label from an assortment of 7 ultra premium wines ranging from $11.00 to $56.00 per bottle. These wines are also available by the case. Purchases are made on line including setting up the 4 x 4 inch custom label.

As brand ambassador, ESM is able to invite equestrian organizations, their charity partners, service partners and sponsors, to promote their programs with a premium quality wine brand they make with TWF or purchase through the barrel adoption program. Barrel prices start at $11,000; a barrel provides 25 cases. Ultra premium wines branded or co-branded, give equestrian groups & affiliates exciting opportunities at the local, national and international level. Businesses looking for new customers in the equestrian demographic make an exciting entree as co-branders/promoters/sponsors. Food and beverage events and promotions enhance the horse show experience and are suggested for pre-event planning and promotional events. ESM suggests year round food and wine events, with stand alone branded merchanise, to promote the group and its event(s), collaborating with local food businesses, hotels, restaurants, wine bars and wine shops.

In states where laws permit, the wines can be sold. This presents exciting possibilities such as wine tastings, competitions, food and beverage events, in conjunction with the equestrian event. Styling the food and beverage menu to regional tastes will make the event, business or pre-event program more attractive. As wine competitions are blind tasted, having a brand doesn't preclude hosting a wine competition.




Put your winemaker's hat on! TWF has contracts with the most prestigious vineyards in California and highly skilled wine makers who have consistently earned high scores for their client's wines. In states which permit it, TWF can obtain licensing for customers who to have a commercial venture.Making wine is a joyous experience especially or urbanites needing to feel connected to the seasons, the earth and the delicious flavors of ultra premium wines! It's an excellent team building tool and The Wine Foundry invites customers to participate in all phases from barrel tasting in early spring to harvest and crush.The process involves 4 steps described on their website:

  1. Pick: select your grapes from the 2014 VINEYARD GUIDE
  2. Crush: participate if you like in this exciting process, taste, test, plan fermentation and aging techniques
  3. Blend: taste, develop and balance your wine
  4. Bottle: design your label and packaging, bottle and ship
  • You can be as hands on as you like, coming out to California and participating, or you can do this remotely. TWF reports growing conditions and assists in your harvest and fermentation decisions. This is a great team building experience and lots of fun for wine lovers.


To sample The Wine Foundry existing wines, visit the website at www.TheWineFoundry.com. where nine TWF made wines may be purchased on line - with your custom logo. You can buy a bottle at a time or order by the case. Be sure to use our promo code EQUINE. Note: if you need more than a few cases for an upcoming event, there is a barrel adoption program in which you can purchase wines in bulk. A barrel makes 25 cases or 300 bottles. Feel free to phone The Wine Foundry at 877.WINE.404.

ESM's role in this process is to assist equestrian customers in fitting wine branding, along with other product branding and merchandising, into their development plans.

Feel free to call Irene Deem at 707-486-9683

Chocolates and Wines for Coleal Arabians
Equestrian Sports Marketing is proud to have designed the logo for Coleal Arabians. Custom label artisan chocolates and ultra premium wines are shown at left. Coleal Arabians are breeders of Eden C, a purebred Arabian stallion competing in Menton, France, now owned by Alsayed Stud of Saudi Arabia. Equestrian sport is enjoyed around the world and world class wines are frequent sponsors.

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