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White Wines from The Wine Foundry


As a brand ambassador for The Wine Foundry (TWF), Equestrian Sports Marketing (TWF) promotes equestrian sport through a unique wine branding program. Customers can participate with a single bottle of ultra premium wine with their custom label, as well as by the case or barrel. (Barrels make 25 cases.) Customers can
  • purchase wines made by The Wine Foundry
  • make their own wine with The Wine Foundry using grapes selected from the 2014 Vineyard Guide.
At the time of this writing, seven wines are offered at the single bottle/case level, ranging in price from $14.00 to $56.00 and are purchased on The Wine Foundry site directly by the customer. Use the promo code EQUINE to obtain 10% off orders less than six bottles; 20% off orders more than six bottles, and 25% off case orders. Prices and selections vary seasonally. Equestrian Sports Marketing is owned by Irene Deem, member of the National Sports Marketing Network, US Horse Council and Society of Wine Educators.

There are many ways to structure equestrian wine brand agreements, including commercial sales (limited to states where law permits.) Historically, the most successful horse shows involve collaborations among the charity partners, service partners and sponsors with year round planning and promotional activities. These activities build publicity and deep reach in a community as well as develop new customers for for businesses involved. This may be a surprise, but the biggest equestrian event in the world is the $96 million Houston Rodeo. The rodeo features a 2,000 entry wine competition which spins off an auction, wine tastings, pairings, and income stream. This event is the largest selling ticket in the world for the month of April, outselling rock concerts and sports events! One of the winery winners told us they sold out their entire vintage on the first day of the rodeo. The event is driven by music concerts which create a wave on which all the other vendors ride. The Hampton Classic, the new Trump Invitational, and here in California, Sonoma Horse Park, all enjoy sponsorship by wineries, as well as a full calendar of promotional wine and beverage events.


The value of an well deployed equestrian brand is evidenced by the long-lived and highly successful Budweiser Clydesdale ads which are the most watched ads at the Super Bowl year after year. Ralph Lauren's Polo, Gucci and Hermes are additional examples of mature brands who have retained value over the years. We're not saying it's easy, and we recognize many elements contribute to the success. But we have an ultra premium wine as a product and a world which consistently responds to horse images! Horse themed brands are not over exposed and reach a demographic that is not well understood by the marketing professionals who are unfamiliar with agriculture, animal science products, etc. It should be stressed that equestrians also consume products in finance and banking, insurance, real estate, etc. The horse is a universally loved image, when done well, a horse themed brand performs at the highest levels.

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At the international level, a current example of collaboration between equestrian sport and the food and wine business is the Longines Global Champions Tour Paris Eiffel Jumping, presented by Gucci. Coco Coupérie-Eiffel and Christophe Bonnat are the fine dining team at the helm. "This experienced duo have chosen Frederic Vardon and the teams of the legendary Chef Alain Ducasse to create the menus for the event. The delights on offer will honor the roots of French gastronomy and range from the style of the traditional brasserie to a 3* dinner - but always with a traditional "à la française" service."

Rainbow Equus Meadows Stallions

Ultra premium wines custom labeled for sport horse breeders Edgar and Susan Schutte, owners of Rainbow Equus Meadows.


The costs for developing a brand begin at $11,000 per barrel which will provide 25 cases of wine, or 300 bottles. Customers can sample The Wine Foundry wines, share them with Board of Director's members, show committees, charity partners, sponsors and the local food and beverage community. Bring a bottle to the most appropriate restaurants for your event and invite the chef to taste and suggest pairings. That conversation can lead to a discussion of how the restaurant might collaborate with the show.

  • Add custom label wine to your sponsorship package
  • Consider co-branding with a charity partner or co-hosting a wine event with a charity partner, or making the charity partner the beneficiary of one of your wine events
  • Plan at least four wine and food events per year. Create income streams by hosting competitions.
  • Don't limit yourself to wine. Be sure to have craft beers and none alcoholic beverages on your menu as well as plans for competitions.
  • Do not schedule wine tastings at horse shows. People at the horse show are focused on the horses and talking with each other. A better venue for a wine tasting event is a restaurant or wine bar.