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Some equestrian events are fortunate enough to have winery sponsors who donate wines, such as Wölffer Estate Vineyard who sponsor The Hampton Classic, or Trefethen's Cutting Horse Vineyard, which donates proceeds to the University of Colorado's Equine Veterinary Medicine Dept. and the National Cutting Horse Association. The Wine Foundry is an excellent option for those who don't, by offering barrel adoptions. These are premium quality wines made by clients of The Wine Foundry who are offering them for sale. A barrel of wine provides 25 cases of wine which, in states which permit it, can be sold. There are many ways to use your branded wine to promote your equestrian event year round. We suggest a series of events using the wine, some dressy, some casual. Wine maker's dinners are appropriate if your membership is interested in wine. If you don't want to focus on the wine, then serve your wines at dinners and pre-event promotions. Branded wine is always handy as a thank you gift for a volunteer, service partner, or makes a nice donation to your charity partner's auction. Frequently a group will buy a barrel for the organization and donate it. If you cannot sell it, you possibly can auction it and deduct the costs. Check your state laws.

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Graph is based on raw data derived from online survey of equestrian events in 2013.
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You can also have wine competitions, since the judging is blind, there is no conflict of interest. Wine competitions provide cash flow from entry fees as well as from commissions on sales or auctions. In addition, the competition will attract a new audience to your event and create a buzz. A good way to spread the word is to bring your branded wine to the local restaurants, pay the corking fee, and invite the chef to taste and suggest pairings.This conversation leads into discussing how the restaurant might participate in promoting the event. Discounts, coupons, sponsorships, advertising, celebrity appearances, etc. are common features of these agreements. Don't forget to involve the venue where the event is held and invite them to collaborate year round.

Without putting too fine a point on it, the most valuable part of branded wine is the PR benefit. Your wine brand is a powerful ambassador as it travels through your community. It is always an appreciated gift and local restaurants, bars and hotels will welcome new equestrian customers as they publicize their collaborative promotions of your event(s).

Equestrian sport is really hot right now and your branded wine will be a way in for local restaurants, hotels and bars. People are really attracted to the events that feature enhancements such as antique cars, fancy hats (see the Winterthur Point to Point Race!) shopping, great food and beverages and a fun ambience. If your budget is small, start with a summer event and a white or rosé, which are usually priced about 35% to 50% lower. Or consider a sparkling wine for the holidays. Watch The Wine Foundry who will be introducing a new sparkling wine for the 2014 holiday season!

My consulting fee is only $65 per hour if you need help - call Irene Deem at 707-486-9683..

If you are ready to order wine, call The Wine Foundry at 877.wine.404. Be sure to use our promo code EQUINE.